Waiuku College


Waiuku College

Waiuku College is a Co-Educational High School from Years 9-13 with 930 students. Our school motto is a Maori expression, ‘Titiro Teitei’ which exhorts us to aim for our best in all we do. Our students achieve highly in a wide range of areas, particularly academically with consistently high pass rates over 80%. Numbers achieving excellence endorsements are high.

The school motto means to look high and can be interpreted as exhorting the school community, both staff and students to aim high in all they do. It encourages them to aim for excellence in achieving personal best. It implies that effort in application can produce excellence in achievement.

TWaiuku College is an Inclusive Teaching and Learning Community where staff and students aim high and together achieve to the best of their ability. We do this by:

  • Providing opportunities
  • Encouraging participation
  • Expecting effort
  • Promoting success
  • Celebrating excellence