Puni School


Puni School

Puni School is a contributing primary school catering for Years 1 - 6, situated 5km to the west of Pukekohe. Our pupils generally hail from the Puni, Hill and Pukekohe township areas, creating a school community of rural and urban families. Country Day and Cultural Festival feature as two of Puni School's annual highlights.

We have a reputation of having well-mannered and behaved pupils taught within a harmonious and accepting school culture. We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and unacceptable behaviour. We pride ourselves on our wonderful mix of European, Maori, Indian, Chinese, Western Samoan and Tongan cultures to be found at Puni School.

Pupils are encouraged to develop leadership skills and take responsibility for their own learning whilst being monitored and supported by an able and talented staff.

Puni School is a Health Promoting School - Kauri level.