New Zealand International Education Exchange Association
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    New Zealand International Education Exchange Association

Who we are and what we do

International Education Exchange Association in NZ

The New Zealand International Education Exchange Association (NZIEEA) is a non-profit organization to promote mutual understanding between China and New Zealand through cultural and educational exchanges. It aims to build the relationship between schools, educational institutions and government with China.

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Our Services

Best Popular Services

Assist Chinese and New Zealand schools to sign up for sister schools for international exchange programs.
To provide special leaders for the operation of sister schools.
Assist in the introduction of overseas faculty, courses and online teaching projects.
To assist in short-term and long-term exchange projects between teachers and students of China and New Zealand.
To serve and receive the contents of the visiting personnel of both sides during the study in different places.
Educational exchange seminars are held regularly throughout China every year..
According to the needs of schools to design targeted programs to effectively help schools to achieve the purpose of multi-layer international exchange.
For students interested in studying in New Zealand, assist in applying for school guidance and assist in a visa application.
Regularly organize international student exchanges and outdoor activities.
Cooperate with the local Chinese government and investment institutions to set up.
New Zealand international schools and kindergarten.
Meet Our Team

Founders of NZIEEA

We are deterimined to help oversea students experience education of New Zealand.
Gary Sweeney

Founder and President

Murray Burton

Founder and Director

Jim Zou

Founder and Director